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Romancing Through Italy is an intimate cultural journey that reveals not just the places, but the people and mysteries of an ancient land. In these true stories, discover the humor, beauty, heroes, friends, and misadventures of traveling through Italy. Emperors and cave-dwellers, elderly goat-herds and ghost towns come to life in visits to the hidden corners of the cradle of modern civilization.
When an aging American veteran led the author and his wife to an emotional celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Liberation, he inspired a 20-year quest to understand the undying gratitude expressed by Italians. From the ruins of ancient Greek settlements to the icy top of Europe’s highest peak, this is the true story of one couple’s determination to begin to understand the turbulent soul of a nation. The adventures, misadventures, and people they befriend along the way fill the pages of this enchanting peek inside the soul of Italy.
Whether you are a frequent visitor, or have been only in your dreams, Romancing Through Italy will alternately lead you to delight, sadness, inspiration, fear, and laughter. Come along on an intimate journey to explore the culture, heart, and soul of this storied land.
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